Genuine Anti-Magnet Leather RFID Card Protector Wallet

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RFID technology is ideal when protecting your credit cards, important accounts, and most of all, your identity.

Rogue identity thief with a scanner to get close enough to your wallet, scan your credits cards and potentially have access to your banking information. Unlike ATM phishing schemes, RFID doesn’t require your card to be swiped, or even be visible!

Luckily, we have the solution to protect your cards from this! The Genuine Anti-Magnet Leather RFID Card Protector Wallet!

  • Keep your important RFID based cards in the Anti-Magnet compartment to  keep them away from scanners and hackers!
  • Various extra compartments  to keep regular ID cards, money, or business cards too
  • 100% Genuine leather exterior  for a sleek and high quality feel
  • Durable materials  used to ensure that your important cards are well secured
  • Comes in 3 stylish colors  that will definitely match your mood and style
  • Uses a bottom trigger to pop out the cards  for easy access!

Don’t fall victim to information or identity theft! Protect yourself with the Genuine Anti-Magnet Leather RFID Card Protector Wallet.

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